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Empire Racing is going PLATINUM

The ERS Platinum Level is in addition to, but separate from, our other investment levels 1-4; Platinum Level will focus on claiming horses at the 16K level and above, whereas Investment Levels 1-4 are capped at 16K claims. ERS created the Platinum Level for investors who want a bigger piece of the pie, with success, ERS will continue to work our way up the claiming ranks!

How it will work: at this level, investors will be buying shares into each individual horse and that share is a package plan. One share will equal 4% ownership and only 10 shares per horse will be sold. You may only buy your share of a Platinum horse with “new” money, you will not be allowed to use money on account from monies earned on any other investment level with ERS. Your “Package Plan Price” will include your 4% ownership fee, 3 months of estimated training & vet bills, and will include 1 estimated hauling price. ERS does reserve the right to a cash call if amounts were underestimated and/or for any unforeseen cost related circumstances pertaining to that specific horse.

How does this end: at this level, investors are responsible for their share of maintenance of the Platinum horse until that horse is either claimed, sold, or dies. With the claiming or selling of the horse, there will be a 90-day waiting period before purse money and/or claim/sold monies are distributed to investors. Again, ERS does reserve the right to a cash call if amounts on account are in deficit. You can not use your earned monies to roll into another Platinum horse or to roll into any other ERS investment level; if you would like to invest in another Platinum horse, you would again need to invest “new” money.

Each Platinum horse will stand on its own, if you will; you will be given a separate statement each month for any and each Platinum horse you own. You cannot share, transfer, or use any profitable money on account from your Platinum horse, that money will be distributed 90-days after that horse is claimed or sold. Investment money for a Platinum horse is due prior to any confirmation of your share ownership.

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